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Find out more about each researcher’s academic interest, theoretical and methodological frameworks, supervisory board and their secondment period. Our doctoral candidates use this section of the portal to make their work accessible to the public.

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Each of the five universities frame EDiTE’s overall research topic Transformative Teacher Learning for Better Student Learning Within an Emerging European Context in their own ways. Come and explore the different approaches and academic traditions at hand. Enter the exchange of ideas between the research communities.

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This area allows for fast and easy communication tracks between researchers. Here, work in progress can be displayed that invites critical feedback and fruitful discussion.


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Access valuable information concerning the academic and also the public world of Teacher Education, interesting conferences, call for papers, interactive media coverage on the respective topics. Not always everyone can attend these occasions but here we share opportunities for everyone to choose from so we can be a part of the bigger conversation on education outside of EDiTE.

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Participate in building networks across Europe and beyond! As an online collaborative space the portal invites external partners, such as schools, universities, teacher educators, policy makers etc. to connect via the Knowledge Portal. Join the network, enrich the project with your own presence, contributions and participation.

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We would like to encourage cooperation between our partners and offer our own contributions to research as a source to anyone who might see our work fit to develop their own practical and theoretical approaches.

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